What was the pooping back and forth movie?

Scared to google this?

I saw a movie, couldn’t remember what it was. I could only remember there was a strange online interaction between a young black boy and a middle aged white woman. You should always be wary when you think about using google to search for young boy and woman online poop… or something like that.

I didn’t want to google it!

I tried to think of anything other than a young black boy and woman talking about poop online. Once I found a suitable non-freak search I was amazed to find that “Pooping back and forth forever” was a thing and it was on ubandictionar.com and the video on youtube.com.

Here is the video

What was it?

“Pooping back and forth forever” was from the movie “Me, You, and Everyone We Know”. I interpreted it a juvenile version of what intimacy would be. At an early age, the character would have had no idea what romantic physical interaction would be. I still find this phrase and interaction very strange and distrubing. I understand it was a movie, but I wonder if there was some motivation for the script. Either way, I hope I never have a strange movie stuck in my head that may make me google something as strange and disturbing as pooping back and forth.

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